Sunday, August 21, 2005

I'd never...

What a bloody bastard of a day. I thought there was going to be nothing worse than my 17th birthday, but this bloody tops it. Looks like we have a new champion.

Now, I'm not really a "tell-you-what-happened-today" kinda blogger, I'm more of a "I-don't-know-what-happened, but-let's-bloody-talk-about-it-anyway" person. Alright, was at Ikea today, got a couple of things there, but not a swivel chair. My bloody parents have been wanting to buy me a swivel chair since LAST year, but haven't got round to. When I wanted to buy it with my own money, they said Ikea's chairs were lousy. They said to get it from vHive. They'll keep dithering and dithering, and in the end, no chair. Absolutely unbelievable.

Later, they had me to go fetch them some some hot-dogs and drinks. After queuing and hauling a whole load of dogs and drinks (4 dogs and 4 drinks to be exact), they bloody disappeared. I tried to call them, but my cell kept showing "Call Failed, Retry?" What a bitch. When I finally found them, I said they should have at least wait near the cafe's entrance or at least help me carry some things. Then, my father made it seem like my fault in his trademark "what-the-fuck" voice. For what? For helping to buy food? Arrgh. Word of advice: next time your family wants to go out, act like you've broke a leg or something. Man, I'm was bloody pissed, I threw the hot-dog away.

When I thought I'd seen the worst of today, I went home and assembled my newly acquired clothes rack. While trying to cut open the fibre cable, I accidently stabbed myself in the leg with my utility knife. Good thing it wasn't too deep.

In the end, I didn't get my chair (again), didn't get to eat, and got stabbed. What a day.

On a lighter note, I really enjoyed my Saturday. Had the usual football in the morning. Whoa, that was fun. There were a few teams there, and we played knock-out rounds. Concede two goals, and your team is out. We had two teams, and when we went in, kept shooting wayward, so that nobody else could play. Ha. A thirty-plus minute street soccer game. Lovin' it.

Later, met up with me friends for dinner and then the football game. And Clarance kept lamenting that he was one of the five people you'll meet in heaven. He's hilarious.

Went to The Labyrnith for the game. Jie Long, Dennis and Josh played pool and watch the game, while I just ate, drank, and watched the game. Heh. And, Clarance wes telling me how cute the supermarket cashier was, and how he charmed the socks off her.

I had been nursing a bad bout of cold and a sore throat the whole week, and I think the mixed nuts and the Heineken made it worse. Ha. But I'll recover. And I had a hot-dog yesterday (Thanks Clarance!).

Sunday, August 14, 2005


I don't know what's gotten into me. Haven't used any hair-styling products, for like four consequtive days now. Too lazy to gussy up, and too lazy to even wear my contacts today. My teacher once said to me, "I would've introduced my niece to you, but..." Well, the rest I forget. Must've been my reluctance to hand-up homework, I guess. So kids, please do your homework. Or you'll end up like me.

What ever happened to the good 'ol days? I used to style my hair religiously. I used to wear contacts everyday. Now instead of looking like Willy Wonka, I look like Grandpa Joe. Yes, with those dorky spectacles. I used to be hardworking. Heh.

Well, alright, I wasn't too enthusiastic about Math.

Before you go look up the Bible for "Thou Shall Not Idolise Hair", here's something I promised. No, I haven't got a niece. I promised to tell you about my school... *drum roll* ...and why I love it.

It's pretty cool, all of it. there's a lecturer that picks his nose in the staff room while another student watches in awe, there's that canteen lady who never showers (how'd you explain the fact that she's always in her PJs?), there's an adorable kindergarten inside, where kids do song mash-ups ("That Little Brown Dog" X "Twinkle- Twinkle Little Star"), a lecturer who think that "eyebrows" are "eyelashes", and a lecturer dude who looks like Chow Yun Fat. The elevator moves dead slowly, and the Fireman's lift hardly works. Lovin' it. Ha.

And yes, before I forget. I got you some Kaiser Chiefs tracks. Fantastic band, this. Needs no introduction. Especially to the Elland Road faithful. Did you know that they were named after our Chief, Lucas Radebe? All the more you should love these fellas. If you don't know them, make haste and sample these tracks.

Kaiser Chiefs - Saturday Night
Kaiser Chiefs - I Predict a Riot

And remember to do your homework. Heh.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Up The Bracket.

The Bravery. Thats an improvement (although I'm not into them), a milestone even. Previously, we only had crap teeny-bopper acts like Simple Plan, Blue, and the like. The Eagles were a reward, but you can't blame the organisers though; most Singaporeans think rock starts and stops at Avril. And don't even get me started on My Chemical Romance. Bunch of pos-

Anyways, would really love for the St
rokes, Rilo Kiley, The New Pornographers and the like to drop by. Or maybe an indie fest even (Face it. BayBeats is shit.). Maybe even get the Libertines to come, so that we can slag Barat off by chanting "Where's Pete?"

Speaking of The Libertines, I feel really sorry for Barat. Pete Doherty (inset) is making a complete arse of himself. Barat has forgiven him time and time again, and will gladly welcome him back. If Pete wants to, of course. They made the best music together, and now what, Pete; Babyshambles? He has definately got a precocious talent, but so far, it hasn't really been showing at Babyshambles. Or not yet at least. The media's really having a field day, even branding him the modern-day Sid Vicious. Come on now.

"Aren't you Bob Dildo?" Sid once took a knife and confronted Dylan. Don't think Pete's that crazy though, save for burglary. Heh.

Oh yeah, and maybe cutting himself even. *News Of The World: Doherty Slashes Himself With Broken Glass*

Babyshambles: Fuck Forever
The Libertines: Can't Stand Me Now

* Yeah, and if you come back here tomorrow, I will probably tell you why I love my school. Ha.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Do You Want To? Didn't think so.

Alright. Small errata. FF's album is "You Could Have It So Much Better... With Franz Ferdinand". Official release date October 3rd. Single "Do You Want To" will be released on 19th September.

Terribly sorry for the mistakes, but it was at 3a.m. Probably was half-asleep. Anyways, I've got you the FF songs. 'Ere you go.

Franz Ferdinand - "Do You Want To" (Live)
Franz Ferdinand - "I'm Your Villan" (Live)
Franz Ferdinand - "Walk Away" (Demo)

Who loves you? Heh.

Anyways, local news here, you can get CDs at bargain prices at the Orchard MRT. Well, if you don't want to believe me, I could argue with you, but my horoscope says not to. Ha. If you didn't know already, it's by Gramophone. Something like a guerilla-store concept, that. Stocks couple of good albums, if you keep your eyes peeled. Stocks come fortnightly (according to them). They've got Ash, The Walkmen, Ron Sexsmith, Athlete, and a couple of others more. Ryan Adams' "Cold Roses" at SGD12.90? Can't complain.

Yeah, if you know where I could score bargains (will post it, if its good), or just want to rant, drop me a comment.

Until next time, then.
(By the way, I don't believe in horoscopes...)

Living For The Weekend!

New news! I bought The HARD-Fi album today, "Stars of CCTV" and bloody hell. Fantastic, this. One stomper of an album. First heard of them on "My Kentucky Blog", I reckon. Their song "Cash Machine", amazing. I've sourced a couple of their tracks for you to sample. After listening, you definately must buy this LP. 'Ere's a review for you. If you like Bloc Party, you might be interested in this...

HARD-Fi - Living For The Weekend
HARD-Fi - Stronger

Anyways, lotsa new albums coming up. Franz Ferdinand's should be hitting the stores before the year ends. Confirmed tracks include "I'm Your Villan" and "Do You Want To". These tracks are floating somewhere, haven't got 'round to look for it yet. Performed live at Einslive. The LP will be called "You Could Have It So Much Better... With Franz Ferdinand", instead of colour-coding the albums, which was what they wanted earlier. The single, "Do You Want To" will be released on 19th Sept.

The album's not out yet though, so in the meantime, do try The Blood Arm. They've got a really wicked sound. Highly rated by FF's Alex Kapranos; they opened for FF a couple shows, I should think. There are demos on their site you can download. They're an L.A. band, but they sound like they've got their leg (or their blood arm, rather), stuck in Britain.


Down Like Disco.

Aite. Maiden post. Virgin post. Whatever floats your boat. Never really like blogging, it's a crazed bitch really. But hey, these are crazy times; we're gonna have a casino, The Bravery's actually in Singapore, and a $600k p.a. salary is peanuts, apparently.

Not a fan of The Bravery, but thumbs-up to them for dropping by. Not everyday do we get indie (well, not actually, but still.) bands gracing our shores. Wanted to go, but thankfully I didn't. Heard they were rubbish when playing live, and they didn't do too well here either, or so I've heard... Now The Strokes promised to tour places they've not been to before, so I'm gonna keep me fingers crossed.

Dropped my bloody iPod earphones today, and they were all conked out. Now there's like a FARKING buzzing sound in me right earphone. Pissed, that. Now all my music sounds "Live". Fark.

I've just gotten me a new pet peeve recently. What's with people and the reluctance to change clothes? I've noticed some people (in school, really) wearing the same outfits for consecutive days... I've got the slightest feeling that these fellas don't shower. Ugh.

Yeah, and Geraldine's been bugging me to tell her who me crush is. No can do, man. It's for yuks anyways; don't think the person has any interest in me. Why? Picture this: I look like a koala's butt, with whipped cream and a handlebar moustache. Heh. Maybe it's because I always want things I can't get. Maybe it's because I'm too choosy. Maybe it's because I took advice from 'Alfie'. *Laughs* Another lonely New Year's party again, I guess. I might have better luck finding a 'Golden Ticket' in me chocolate. Don't think that Kit-Kat has them though; I'm on my fifth pack and still nothing.

Fark. I'm gonna try M&Ms.