Friday, September 23, 2005

You Have No Faith In Medicine.

Alright. Lotsa things happening recently. Some pretty good, most pretty eff-ing bad. Like, when I got a Tuna sub when I wanted a Cold-Cut Trio. Like when I didn't win the iPod Nano. But it was pretty hilarious when I and Suffian tricked Akarad into believing that he won, and couldn't get it because he left early.

I wasn't too crazy about the Nano, just wanted to soak up the atmosphere at the Sports Day. But, alas, it was pretty horrid. Poor organisation, messy; and I'm just being nice. I probably had more fun playing with the sachets of mustard that came with the sub. Wait. I did have more fun with the mustard.

The "Goody" bag (yes, they were dumb enough to spell it like that), really made my day. It was absolutely goody; the bag was pretty bloody big, and they gave really splendid stuff, like one packet of tissues, one bottle of mineral water, and one party noise-maker. You know the little 'bell' thingy that parents use to drive their babies nuts? Yeah. That.

And it was were sheduled to end at two in the afternoon, but we were let off at four-thirty in the end. But on the brightside, I became smarter, thanks to Edwin and Akarad. Apparently, they were experts in babe-watching, and gave comments on every passing girl. Especially the one who wore the "Athena" tee.

Okay. Ha, enough about the seven hours of my life that I've wasted. Recently, it seems the world is pretty much becoming like The Drew Carey show. The government wants to ban cigarettes, my dad wants to kill me for having an earstud, Kate Moss being a coke junkie, among many other things. Apparently, the only thing that went right, was Jennifer Aniston dumping Vince Vaughn's sorry ass. Ha, he couldn't Dodge that Ball.

Cancer-bastions are pushing for an absolute ban on tobacco products on our state. Although I don't smoke, I feel that this is an isn't too right. Sure, we'd have a few less rubbish chute fires, but smokers are smokers. They'll have to smoke something. Don't reckon you'll want to see people smoking tea leaves in rolled-up paper, now do you? Smoking kills, but so does farting-in-the-car. If there's a ban on farts, you heard it here first.

And Kate Moss was caught snorting coke with "husband" Pete Doherty, bandmates and the album producer. Kate, cocaine, last I checked, doesn't make you taller. Or smarter (babe-watching does though). Which reminds me. Don't you just find it weird, those Home-Shopping Network ads; Torso-Tigers, Power Rider and the whole lot, seem alot more painful when you've got a tummy-ache?

I have no faith in medicine.

P.S. I liked the ad for the Ginsu knives though. Ha.

*EDIT*: Aww you've gotta see this.

Seems like everyone's a whore. 'Sez Vince Vaughn.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Quotable Quotables.

Back again. Actually, I meant to post earlier, but my modem and/or phoneline died on me. So there. Sorry. I'm getting it fixed though, but no promises.

Alright, here's the t-shirt that I promised. I was pretty excited about this for the whole of last week. Heat-transfered, but I'll try to burn a silkscreen by this week. If I can find the time.

Back to the post.

I've been hearing lotsa quotable quotes this weekend. About buses, about people from China, and the like. Was watching football awhile ago, Blackburn against the Magpies, and during half-time, the guest commentator, Sir Les Ferdinand was saying, "Goals are like buses, once you get one, the whole lot will follow". Ha, funny that, and there's truth in it.

But the one that really crack my sides was a quote my brother read in a traveller's guide to China. It says that Chinese will eat anything with the backbone facing the sun. We were with my cousin at York Hotel for the buffet, and I nearly had oyster omelette coming through my nose. Then I was trying to think of animals whose backbone didn't face the sun. Obviously, my thoughts landed on old people. But, I don't think the Chinese eat grandparents though... Ha, bollocks that.

In the book, it's called "Culture Shock", by the way, they've also said, they value dog meat above any other meat. When Westerners order dog, they give deer, or some other backbone-facing-the-sun animal, because they say Westerners don't know how to appreciate dog. Oh, they also mentioned that They think Americans are smart, and think Italians stole their noodles and put tomato sauce on it. Ah, a funny bunch, these Chinese-nationals.

But over here in Singapore, the men aren't much better. What happens when one's six-pack becomes a beer keg, bald as a cueball, and nearing the big five-o? Go to Orchard Towers and score with maids. This trend is all over the news nowadays. Whatever happened to Tai-chi? Line-dancing? Bird-singing competitions? Flower horn fishes? Sungei Road Flea Market? Baywatch? Apparently, they've gotten tired of their birds and somehow, Pamela's boobs lost it's novelty.

Alright, got something here for you. Whether you want to swear in Bengali or pick up scantily-clad domestic helpers at tea dances, you could check this out-

I gotta go now, but before I sign-off, the Emmy Awards will air at 9am tomorrow, if I'm not wrong. Glam gurls, don't you dare miss it. I know I won't.


Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Well, telly addiction, to be more precise. I have realised, that I'm officially a slave to the goggle box.

Oprah, Larry King Live, Hollywood Squares, the whole lot.

Speaking of Hollywood Squares, have I mentioned it's one of my favourites? Ha, the love affair started this morning. I was, like all you yuppies out there, watching a breakfast show on CNN. Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty much against yuppie-mania, but I had the perception that Breakfast Shows make you smarter. I now know Google closed at a $0.50 increase on the Nasdaq yesterday. And that makes me feel so much better about myself. Ha.

Alright, back to Hollywood Squares. It's fantastic. Betcha didn't know Attila the Hun died from a nosebleed while having sex? And what was the technology in law enforcement that was first used by the Scotland Yard? It's the Kilt-Checker. Now who woulda thunk it?

Tuesdays are the worst. Here's my telly schedule; 5:30-CNN, 6:00-The Simpsons, 6:30-The Drew Carey Show, 7:00-Dinner, 7:30-Pride, then I come back at 9:00-Evening News, 10:00-House, 11:00, Las Vegas. Well, it changes ever so often. I do have a life. So much so that I've just got my t-shirt printed today. I absolutely love it. It's got a Cuban cigar on the front. Maybe I'll post it in the next couple of days. If I'm nice. Heh.

Okay, signing off now. G'nite.

Oh, and by the way, Scotland Yard used the Fingerprint tracing technology first. Gotcha there, didn't I?

Friday, September 09, 2005

Like A Robot From 1984.

Just woke up from my nap. Head feels like a frappuccino inside. Ah, mocha frapp.

So, here's something I promised. More of my projects. This one was for Basic Drawing. Drawn entirely with charcoal. Apparently, I got this scene in my dream. See, I don't just dream about naughty stuff and mocha frappuccinos; sometimes it's buildings on the horizon melting into moons. Ha.

Alright, won't stay for too long, head feeling two sizes bigger. But there's this band you've gotta check out; The Arctic Monkeys. Indie/Art-Rock, with wicked rhythms, swaggering riffs, and clever (not to mention risque/hedonistic) songwriting, will keep your feet tapping.

They should have tees that say "I Blame the Monkeys", so that you won't get curious stares on the subway when you're tapping your feet with the iPod plugged in. Heh.

On their official site, there's this really cool garage gig video that looked straight out of 1984. What's with purple and pink stage lights anyways?

Arctic Monkeys - Scummy/When The Sun Goes Down
Arctic Monkeys - From The Ritz To The Rubble
Arctic Monkeys - I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor
Arctic Monkeys - I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor (Video) (Highly recommended.)


Colonel Sanders Eats His Own Chicken Now?

So, I'm sitting here in front of the computer, quoting Adam Sandler. Can't really sleep now; beginning to wonder whether my coffee filter is still working as well as it should. Bad time for my coffee fix.

Anyways, just caught the best movie of the year. The Longest Yard! Great movie, loads of laughs. L-o-a-d-s. Imagine me laughing non-stop. Okay, stop imagining. The film's pretty good, a hell lot of quotable quotes too. So if you want to be a Country-Grammerin'-Crap-Shootin red-neck geek, this should be good. Or how'd you explain why trucker caps are all the rage?

So much that Pastor-cum-"sexy" singer Ho Yeow Sun has opened a shop hawking Von Dutch goods. I sometimes feel terribly embarassed for her. Why does she adopt a pretentious slang when she obviously can't carry it? B-i-m-b-o.

Alright. It's probably the caffeine talking. So much so that I'm spelling-out w-o-r-d-s. Gotta stop that.

Looking at the flyer for the show, I realise that the lad-ies have stripper names. Eyes to the one on the far left, that's Juicy. Followed by a blonde KimChi. Why would a stripper have a name called KimChi, you ask? Beats the hell outta me.

Here's a cut.

Caretaker: Look in your toilet, I left you a suprise.
Paul Crewe: You took a shit in my toilet?
Caretaker: No, that's what I left in Brucie's toilet.

A track from the show. Swear you'll buy the OST?
AC/DC - Thunderstruck

Oh, and last I checked, it available on DVD on September 20.


Sunday, September 04, 2005

So The Drama...

Woo! Watched Kim Possible: So The Drama today. It's probably one of the coolest movies I've seen this year. HA!

Buenos Nachos a brewing hotspot for Dr. Drakken's evil plots? Evil Happy Meal toys hell bent on world domination? Now who woulda thunk it? I'd love to be Ron Stoppable anytime.

I was never a terribly huge fan of cartoons... we all had our fair share of heroes when we were young. Mine used to be Leonardo of the Ninja Turtles and Peter Venkman of Ghostbusters. Ha. And in preschool, it was Kermit the frog.

And then, when one grows older, suddenly cartoons become "uncool" all of a sudden. Thanks to a tradition called "peer pressure". I've never succumbed to it though, more like grew out of it.

As you grow older, your interests change. Begin to watch blockbusters, appreciate music, and the like. But I'm glad my heroes weren't Vin Diesel or Michael Bay, they were Bill Murray and Wes Anderson. Oh yeah, and after today, Ron Stoppable!

LCD Soundsystem - "Daft Punk is Playing At My House"

LCD Soundsystem - "Tribulations"

Friday, September 02, 2005

One Big Holiday.

Ha. I'm back, finally. After a long hiatus; last minute rushing projects at my school, and managing only a total of five hours of sleep in the last three consecutive days, I was absolutely badgered.

And the holiday is finally here, so I reckon you'll see daily posts. I'll try to post my final projects over the next few days, so check back won't you?

Alright, this picture you see on the left is for my subject, "Principle of Design". The lecturer was very vague in explaining the final project to us, so I'd exploited that. He (sorta) wanted us to trace "Masterpice" (in his words) works and add our own texture. Asked us to source it out in the library, and he told us to look for 'Pop Art'. Which was really surprising, that, because he threw out every Andy Warhol piece I showed him. Most of us just lapped up Picasso, so I decided to do something entirely different, from scratch.

There's absolutely nothing creative about tracing someone's art, and adding your texture, which most ripped out from texture books in the library. I decided to push the envelope then, making something that looked extremely different from the others. And voila, I created this, using Photoshop. And when I went to submit my work, I saw everyone elses' piece. Ripped-off textures crammed in every space they can find. And in all honesty, it was just a melange of textures overlapping textures. I'll give you a fiver if you could make out any shape at all. Everyone cloned everyone. With the exception of Alvin's (so bloody good, that it was kept for future references.) At that point, I reckoned I was going to fail. I didn't, as it turned out, but I got a "See Me!" behind my piece. I had used textures, so I couldn't fail anyways. Ha.

It was around midnight when I was doing this, and Tricky Woo's "Fly The Orient" was playing on the iPod, after which- Robbers On High Street's "Japanese Girls" followed. Hence I decided on an oriental theme. Anyways, enough with me. Tricky Woo's sound; abit post-punk, art rock with the most menacingly sand-paperly voice since Bryan Adams. Lotsa great stuff pouring out of Canada nowadays, and it's not just the maple syrup. The New Pornographers, Mike Myers...

Robbers On High Street are... really fantastic. I don't want to explain their sound, because words can't do it justice. Just sample the tracks below. Opened for Ben Kweller recently. You won't bloody regret it. Alright, I'll try to classify them anyways; a swaggering sound, wicked rhythms and a bastardization of pop, indie and art-rock.

Before I sign off, here's another band you should know about- The Cribs. Opened for The Kaiser Chiefs and the Chiefs admitted that they were abit inspired by them. NME 'sez "The Cribs are ready to tear rock a new arsehole" With bands like Simple Plan and Rooster, who claimed that they were taking rock and roll back to it roots (now what are rock and roll roots anyway? Shame on you, Rooster), rock needs a new arse hole.

Aite. Signing off.
See you tomorrow; same time, same channel.

Robbers On High Street - "Spanish Teeth"
Robbers On High Street - "Japanese Girls"
The Cribs - "Baby Don't Sweat"
The Cribs - "Another Number"
The Cribs - "Hey Scenesters" (Video)