Sunday, April 23, 2006

I'd Really Think You'd Like Me

It's gonna be yet another horrific week of not-sleeping, Red Bull-bingeing, eyebag wearing, douchebag-being week. Yes, quite a mouthful, and you guessed it- bloody assessment week. What are the average sleeping hours of your typical art student during this blitzkreig? Zero. During this period, blood pressure goes up a hundred-fifty percent, and courtesy goes in the shitter.

I won't have time to post mp3s next week, so bear with it for a bit; there'll be a super-post on Sunday, I promise.

Okay, I can't hang here for too long, so here's a song that's been my past week's iPod favourite.
I'm not a big fan of reading lyrics on blogs, but the lyrics on this one really hit me. Brutally honest.

"First Day of My Life" - Bright Eyes

This is the first day of my life
I swear I was born right in the doorway
I went out in the rain suddenly everything changed
They're spreading blankets on the beach

Yours is the first face that I saw
I think I was blind before I met you
Now I don’t know where I am
I don’t know where I’ve been
But I know where I want to go

And so I thought I’d let you know
That these things take forever
I especially am slow
But I realize that I need you
And I wondered if I could come home

Remember the time you drove all night
Just to meet me in the morning
And I thought it was strange you said everything changed
You felt as if you had just woke up
And you said “this is the first day of my life
I’m glad I didn’t die before I met you
But now I don’t care I could go anywhere with you
And I’d probably be happy”

So if you want to be with me
With these things there’s no telling
We just have to wait and see
But I’d rather be working for a paycheck
Than waiting to win the lottery
Besides maybe this time is different
I mean I really think you'd like me.

Yeah, I'm still thinking about her.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

"Why Should Art Fuck Design?"

Alright. It's official- I've officially had it with pies. Done to death with it.

Any pie- you name it; Shepherd's Pie, Chicken Pie, Magpies, Blueberry pie, Apple Pie... Effing disgusting. Everytime I open the fridge, there's pie filling staring back at me. I reckon, in the past week, I must have about consumed just about 10 pies, no less. Mostly chicken pies though. I'm starting to nauseate just thinking of it. Ugh.

There's no escape really. I've still got a couple of pies in the kitchen, and it doesn't help when there's a fab pie shop opposite the school. I had so much pie over the week, I'll bet you I can tell you the Latin names for peas, corn, and chicken.

Was reading up in the library that day, came across Stefan Sagmeister's book (, aptly named 'Sagmeister'. He is one half of Sagmeister Studios, and they are terribly nuts. Which in design talk means, 'good shit' (In ghetto-talk, it's called 'Cheese'. I'm not even gonna try to explain.) It's written by a ghost writer, but the book was pretty awe-inducing, nevertheless. There was a particular quote I really liked, "Why should art fuck design?"

Then he mentioned something (which I forgot), before saying, " doesn't give a shit about art." Hope I got that right. It's true in some aspects, really.

Now, if you've never heard of Sagmeister, you've probably seen his work. He has made record covers for Rolling Stone, Lou Reed, amongst others. And yes, you guessed it, Lou Reed's Ecstacy, as pictured above, was by his studio. He also conceptualised the Stones' "Bridges to Babylon" album art. The one with the Silver Lion. I wanted to put that initially, but, decided on this instead. If you haven't heard Lou Reed's music, you dad probably has. Reed's work had always been about sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll culture.

I really liked this LP cover. Mostly because of the concept behind it. When I work, I spend alot of time conceptualising, before I even start. The image on the cover, shows Reed, impaled at the neck, in a seemingly agonising pose. Well, that's the difference. The parallel between pain and pleasure. For this album cover, they took a picture of his head, when he had an orgasm. Now who woulda thunk it?

Sagmeister is probably the bastion of mavericks in design today, which makes his work very unexpected, and often awe-inspiring. His most prominent work is probably his poster for AIGA Detroit, for a talk he was headlining. It showed him, barebodied, with the all the text, all cut into his skin by an intern. "We tried to visualize the pain that seems to accompany most of our design projects."


Tuesday, April 11, 2006


While logging on to write today's entry, I came across this blog- New York Hack ( Absolutely hilarious, and oh-so-bloody real. I got the picture from his blog, just to give you a visual treat. Read the first few lines, and you'll be hooked (No reference to his 'Hookers' post though. Ha.) How can you not like a blog, whose daily entry probably starts with "This drunk fuck really pissed me off." There's a picture there as well, if you really needed to know how a drunk fuck really looks like. Now if only Singapore was this much fun. Heh.

I'll betcha, wherever you've been, wherever you're from, you'd have encountered slap-worthy people. Be it at the workplace, in school, the noisy fella in the neighbouring lavatory cubicle- they're just everywhere. Wait- I forgot where I'm supposed to go with this.

Damn, it sounded pretty funny, till I lost the plot there. And one more thing, there's something ridiculously wrong with Blogger. I can't seem to adjust the size of the text, and I can seem to drop any bloody hyperlinks. The option buttons just aren't there. This is my second post on the iMac, if you wanted to know. So bear with it for a bit, you've gotta do a little cut-and-paste, or type (whichever rocks your boat), when I post the web links. I'm a 'lil stumped here, so any help would be appreciated.

Just realised that I can't put italics as well. Well sod it. Guess I'll have to be less funny.

Alright now jumping into today's actual post, NYC based Yeah Yeah Yeahs (no relation to NY Hack. Duh.) have released their new EP, titled "Show Your Bones", late last month. I haven't got my paws on it yet, because I've got too busy. Looks like it's not gonna let up soon, I'm knee-deep in my Final Assessments, and I've got the Mrs Singapore paegant's magazine that I've yet to start working on. Ugh.

Well, back to the topic. The reviews look promising, and the tracks- judge for yourself. 'Dudley' and 'Gold Lion' are the more outstanding tracks that I've heard so far, with the heavy drums and the swagger that comes with it. This arrogance is gonna dominate your CD collection.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs:

Modern Things - (

Gold Lion (Nick Zinner Remix) - (

Dudley - (

*As much as I love you, I can't seem to find the proper "Gold Lion" to post. Only the remix.
I'll post when I find it.

Alright signing off now. Enjoy the songs, and please buy the album. I know I will. Haha. Tmr's post, I'll try to post abit of Voxtrot here. As well as the day's shenenigans...


Monday, April 10, 2006

You Fucking BIATCH.

Haha. Loved the title; it was running in my head the whole day.

Wow, my first post since September last year. Bloody amazing. Heh, didn't know I'd be gone so long. Terribly sorry for the loooong time laspe. School is an merciless dominatrix.

Well, for starters, school today was probably one of the worst ever. For I now know that I'm in danger of failing my Design Drawing subject, because of a small-minded, big-arsed lecturer. Oh yes, the fucking Biatch. I'm not a terribly big fan of swearing, but I'll betcha even Buddha couldn't resist spewing a tirade of "fuck yous" if he were in her class. To be fair, I never liked her class. I pretty much slave, and labour on my projects for other subjects, because those lecturers are appreciative. I'd even go as far as to say that I love school; I love all the subjects, and I take pride in all my work. Except in her lesson. I've gotta admit, most of the work I hand up to her are crap, because I can hardly spur myself on to do splendid artwork (which I enjoy doing for my other subjects), for this pompus tub of lard. I won't use her name here, but to be fair to the other hardworking lecturers, The Bitch is a female lecturer, and her class falls on Monday. Do the math.

It's just absolutely amazing how she ever became a lecturer. I won't question her credentials (if she has any at all), but her attitude in class is absolutely apalling- no wait, 'revolting' is the better word. She comes into class, and plops her big-ass bottom on the chair, and just about sneer at everyone in class. Every word that comes out of that mouth of her's is sheer sarcasm, not the kind anyone laughs at. An example, "Who loves Design Drawing?" Then someone (not me, for reasons obvious), being nice says, "Me", the reply is "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" That is horribly mean. It's not the kinda thing anyone would laugh at. And, she is so full of herself, she reminds you of those sexy, elegant, high-society Victorian ladies at the ball, sipping champagne with extended pinkies. Except, The Bitch is absolutely frigid (she doesn't even wear light make-up, and comes to class looking like she just woke up from the back alley behind Waterloo Street, after spending the night on cardboard), probably weighs about 400 pounds (it wouldn't surprise me), and probably drinks beer like a coffeeshop lout, slamming the mug on the table, and then telling everyone how elegant she really is. Hilarious, but true. Ha.

And she hasn't taught us anything at all. Just bringing some mediocre books and pointing. Any Ah Seng from Tiong Bahru could do that for $5. But for most of the time, she just sits there and dispenses sarcasm. Absolutely amazing- a premier arts instituition hires people like these. However, I would like to mention that aside from The Bitch, all the other lecturers are really splendid individuals, who are really passionate about their profession. Class 1V's pretty much lucky to have these lecturers, who are really inspiring educators.

Alright. Signing off now. Be sure to check out, Yeah Yeah Yeahs are pretty much the talk of the blogs with their new album "Show Your Bones". I shall post some of their new stuff tomorrow, maybe along with some Voxtrot, and Sufjan Stevens. Fantastich. So stay tuned, comprende?