Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Whoa. Seems like a bit of time has passed since the last post.

In the time I was absent, I:
- Watched almost all World Cup matches telecast.
- Wagered on Angola (Dammit).
- Didn't do (almost) all of my homework.
- Watched The Royal Tenenbaums 2 times.
- Bought 3 albums in the past day
- Revisited Monseiur Gainsbourg.

Speaking of Gainsbourg, I bought his tribute album today, "Monsieur Gainsbourg Revisited". An excellent compilation, with Franz Ferdinand, Jane Birkin, The Rakes, Portishead, Chan "Cat Power" Marshall, Carla Bruni and Placebo, just to name a few, doing the English adaptations.

If you don't what he has done in the past century, ask yourself what hasn't he done;
Serge Gainsbourg, the singer - songwriter - Pygmalion - actor - filmmaker - author - entertainer - agitator - gambler - ladys man, a man whose many facets reflect in each other to form one of the most dazzling prisms in twentieth-century French culture, and whose sparkle now spreads well beyond both France and the century.

Inspiring a whole generation of artists, from Beck to Portishead, Massive Attack to Sonic Youth, his vision could only be rivalled by David Bowie. With that being said, I won't sum him up- because I can't. Go to your local record stores to pick up his records, then you'll know what I mean.

Oh, and I picked up the Mystery Jets' new LP today, "Making Dens". One of my most anticipated albums in the past two years, though I was a tad disappointed with the early demos I heard of the band. Featured in Dazed and Confused in June last year, and a personal favourite of Matt Tong of Bloc Party, this band is about as honest as white bread, and more exciting than prawn sandwiches. Alright, that didn't sound too convincing. Matt can explain it better. "When people tell me they're breaking all the rules of rock, I think to myself that there were never aware of any to break in the first place. The Mystery Jets are perfectly uncontrived. I also like the fact that it means nothing to the Mystery Jets to go to an 80s night in Leeds and breakdance. Finally, I'm jealous because I always wanted to be in a band with my dad but he's into Christian rock and Kenny G."

Reasons to love Mystery Jets: Quirky, Father-and-son playing alongside each other, charmingly honest, sounds like an ancient Bloc Party, and they sing songs that makes you wanna laugh at them (before you laugh at yourself).

I watched The Royal Tenenbaums twice in the last two days, and I'm probably gonna watch it after this. It is practically impossible not to love a Wes Anderson film. The eccentric quirks, brilliant cast, brilliant acting, brilliant storytelling and an equally brilliant soundtrack. His previous outing, The Life Aquatic used mostly David Bowie's songs, and in Tenenbaums, it's The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Nico, Bob Dylan, The Ramones, The Clash, amongst others.

It's now my joint-favourite film, alongside Lost In Translation. Whether I'll watch it 15 times like I did with LiT, I can't say for sure.

I think I'm in love with Margot.

Serge Gainsbourg - Initial BB
Serge Gainsbourg - Couleur Café
Srege Gainsbourg - NEW YORK USA

Jane Birkin - Jane B

Mystery Jets - You Can't Fool Me Dennis (from Making Dens)
Mystery Jets - The Tale
Mystery Jets - Lizzy's Lion

Bonus Tracks:
The Velvet Underground & Nico - I'm Waiting For the Man
The Clash - Rock The Casbah (Live in Jamaica; 1982) (Featured in The Royal Tenenbaums)
The Arctic Monkeys - The View From The Afternoon
SOUND Team - Monster
Cat Power - The Greatest
Cat Power - Where Is My Love

914 Studio Demos (this is pretty rare stuff):

The Ramones - I Don’t Wanna Go Down to the Basement
The Ramones - 53rd and 3rd
The Ramones - I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
The Ramones - Judy Is a Punk (Featured in The Royal Tenenbaums)

The Ramones - Loudmouth
The Ramones - Judy Is a Punk (Studio)

Alright, here's a little something I learnt in the "Design in Context" class today.

Quote of The Day: "These Egyptian hieroglyphics clearly show that, after you die, and your heart weighs less than the feather, you'll go to NEVADA."

I don't know which is more hilarious. Mispronouncing 'Nirvana', or declaring 'Sin City' the new Heaven. Eat your heart out, Mr. Cobain.

Viva Las Vegas.


At 11:04 PM, Blogger Rach said...

Hahaha, I love the quote from class. Oh, the things I've overheard in some of my classes...quite a hoot.

And yes, the Royal Tenenbaums IS fantastic--Wes does such a fantastic job creating quirky, interesting characters, and stylistically the sets are so rich. Plus, Gene Hackman kicks ass.

And one more for the road...Serge is also quite the prize. I'm a fan of his daughter Charlotte's films--she acted in a late 90's version of Jane Eyre, and was also in 21 Grams...hooray for trivia.

Keep up the lovely blogging!

At 11:26 PM, Blogger FMJ said...

Yeah, Charlotte looked great in 21 Grams, but I felt that Guillermo Arriaga should have written more for her character; was hoping she got more screen time.

If you like her films, you should check out some of her half-sister, Lou Doillon's works as well.

And yes, Gene Hackman does kick ass.


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