Tuesday, July 11, 2006

"And Yes, This Is My Singing Voice."

And no, you don't want to hear it. I'm a terrible singer.

I've had a surprisingly good past-couple-of-days, despite the bloody Sword of (Art School) Damocles hanging over my head. And it's not the 'happy juice' talking. Heh.

There are a host of reasons for that, but it's mostly thanks to Materazzi, and that The Velvet Teen and The Posies are dropping by at Baybeats 2006. And yes, I'm also pretty psyched about my Photoshop project (inset).

It's gonna be aptly named "Room 44", and it's not for kids. It's a visual essay delving into the dreams, fantasy, the imagination of all that takes place behind closed doors. And lecturers, I'm not gonna change it.

Heh. Alright, stop thinking about bordellos for a second here.

The Posies and The Velvet Teen are slated to perform at Singapore's premier (and probably only notable) Indie/Alternative festival, Baybeats. I would have to say though, I am pretty suprised at the headliners. They finally got some good acts in. And I have to say, The Velvet Teen are really good.

Fans of Bands of Horses, dig in.

The new Velvet release will drop on the 25th of this month. Aptly called Cum Laude.

Baybeats '06 be taking place this weekend o'er at The Esplanade, Singapore.

The Posies - "I May Hate You Sometimes"
The Posies - "Feel"
The Posies - "I Am The Cosmos"

The Velvet Teen - "GymzKid"
The Velvet Teen "Everything Is In It's Right Place"
The Velvet Teen - "False Profits"
The Velvet Teen - "Naked Girl"
The Velvet Teen - "Radiapathy Girl"

Alright, I gotta go now. Will try to post some Spoon tomorrow. If I'm not killed by Art School already.

Au Revoir. Emmanuelle.


At 5:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

do you have an rss feed?

At 12:43 AM, Blogger FMJ said...

Heh, actually, I've been trying to put up the RSS in the past few days, but I had to rush some artwork. The feed should be up and running by Tuesday. Promise.

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