Sunday, July 30, 2006

"I am Jack's Complete Lack of Surprise."

Why am I always so distracted? Really, it's getting to me.

Surfing in class, watching Dave Chapelle when I'm supposed to work on my illustrations, and watching Fight Club when I'm supposed to be sleeping. Oh, and blogging when I'm supposed to be working on my Advertising project. Ugh.

I really need a girlfriend. To distract me further.

Anyways, here's (The) Cazals. I love this band. Unpretentious, they just refuse to precede their name with 'The', and they keep calling their music "Dandy Rock". What is that you say? Exactly. GQ coins it "streetfighting rock-and-roll". And London-based frontman, Phil Cazal makes cameos for Dior Homme on the catwalk in his free time. Martin Cazal used to work at Topman as a style advisor.

You'll never catch this band without their leather loafers, fedoras and guitars. Think GQ-meets-Brit-Mod. I'm so envious.

And it helps that they write brilliant songs also. Here's what they think about themselves: (Cazals) are on a mission to produce music that’s as timeless as it is honest. Listen to the band just once, you'll probably be convinced that you'd have wanted to hear this all your life. And yes, they threw those illegal 'Cazalaide' parties to buy new instruments, when Babyshambles fans thrashed their previous kit.

Meet your new heroes.

Cazals - "Beat Me To The Bone" (highly recommended)
Cazals - "Bounder & A Cad"
Cazals - "What of The Future" (Demo)
Cazals - "My Ex-Valentine" (Demo)
Cazals - "Poor Innocent Boys" (also highly recommended)
Cazals - "Comfortable Silence" (Demo)
Cazals - "New Boy In Town" (Demo)

They just put up free mp3s of their recent XFM session up on their site. Do check it out.

"Did anyone tell you we're a fashion band? Well, we're not. Fucking fashion." - Luca Cazal


At 3:20 AM, Anonymous kenny said...

My Ex-valentine is pure class,sounds like the best song elvis costello never wrote.


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