Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Poor, Poor Innocent Boys.

Deadlines looming. Sports Day looming. Heh, school's lovely innit?

And now I know how being pregnant feels like; after a dinner of kebabs and curry. Really, I can't sit up straight. Though the curry was lovely alright.

Okay, I apologise in the delay since the last post; have been so terribly busy. Anyways, here's today's featured band- Ratatat.

I read about them on fluo kids the other day, and (to be honest here) I only downloaded the tracks because his post featured a terribly cute girl. But hold the brickbats though, what's a boy to do when you see free tracks and a pretty girl and French? There you go.

Anyways, any band who's gonna name their new album "Classics", had better be worth the iPod space. The shivs aren't out yet, but so far, it sounds pretty good, from the tracks I've heard. Genre-hopping electronica. From sounding RJD2-ish on "Loud Pipes", to going all Beatles-esque on "Tropicana", they seem intent on making everyone buy their album.

MarathonPacks says:
their M.O. of combining heavily effected rock guitars with breakbeats made them seem on one hand like playful ironists---the musical equivalent of a Chuck Norris or Styx t-shirt.

But Ratatat has matured since, and they're not Chuck anymore. They've certainly tackled more genres on this time out, and the result? Classics.

Hitting the stores on 22 August, so watch out for that.

Highly Recommended:
Ratatat - Loud Pipes
(from fluo kids)
Ratatat - Wildcat (from fluo kids)
Ratatat - Tropicana

Oh, and here's a Cazals track that's on heavy rotation.
Cazals - Poor Innocent Boys (Super-duperly highly recommended)

Will probably return with Cazals tomorrow. By the way, The Libertines are thinking of getting back together. Didn't you know that already?



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