Friday, July 21, 2006

Specials: "You're Not Reagan, and I'm Not Gorbachev. So Don't Try Eh."

The past couple of days haven't been terribly good, but this probably makes up for it. Was up all night, yesterday watching Serge Gainsbourg's old videos, and I must say, in a time when The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Brian Wilson were all the rage on the radio, Gainsbourg's music was a breath of slick, sexy, modern fresh air. Well, not really fresh air, he would have probably smelt of alcohol and Gitanes cigarettes. Heh. A modern-day rennaissance man.

Enjoy the videos.

"Ballade de Melody Nelson"
One of my favourite Gainsbourg songs of all time. One of the cheesiest videos of all time. But still timelessly alluring. A duet with his muse/partner Jane Birkin.

"Comic Strip"
One of the less melancholic, and more upbeat songs of his repertoire, this was a video from his ye-ye pop period. A duet with this one-time girlfriend, Brigitte Bardot.

"L'Hôtel Particulier"
One of his most brilliant songs. Off the 1971 concept album
Histoire de Melody Nelson.

"Lola Rastaquouere"
His dalliance with reggae. He once (reportedly) riled Bob Marley by asking his wife, Rita Marley to sing erotic lyrics with him.

"Lemon Incest"
A duet with his daughter, Charlotte Gainsbourg in 1984. Appearing shirt-less, with Charlotte (on a bed, no less), then 14, caused a sizeble uproar in Europe. But this song, as with the album, "Love On The Beat", was written by him as a gift to his daughter. One of the more brilliant songs off the album if you'd ask me; mystical, seductive and intoxicating.

This was his now-infamous appearance on the Michael Drücker show. Serge, not exactly a person to hide his feelings, tells a young Whitney Houston that he'd like to fuck her. On live national television. Heh. He was probably drunk alright.

I'm so gonna slot this in my daily conversations; "You're Not Reagan, and I'm Not Gorbachev. So Don't Try Eh."

All highly recommended:
Serge Gainsbourg - Sea, Sex and Sun
Serge Gainsbourg - Bonnie and Clyde
Serge Gainsbourg - L'Hotel particulier
Serge Gainsbourg - Aux armes etceatera
Charlotte & Serge Gainsbourg - Charlotte Forever
Charlotte Gainsbourg - Songs (off her new album 5:55)
Franz Ferdinand and Jane Birkin - A Song For Sorry Angel (a cover version, off the Gainsbourg tribute album, Monsieur Gainsbourg Revisited)

Betcha didn't know that Jane B. was the inspiration behind Hermè's highly popular Birkin bag, eh Posh?

Au Revoir.


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