Saturday, August 05, 2006

Miss B-

I'm infatuated.

Right. Kite Flying Society is on heavy rotation the past couple of days; and has been the only thing I've been listening to today. Hailing from San Diego California, this band makes the most sickeningly-sweet (read: super fantastic) indie pop out there, that could fit into your typical Wes Anderson film. Not surprisingly, KFS lists him as one of their influences, along with

The Kinks
The Shins
Harry Nillson's "The Point"
Magnetic Fields
Brian Wilson
Fruit Bats
Rogue Wave

For fans of PAS/CAL (and kites). Listen to them, and you're reminded of The Beach Boys and Herman's Hermits. And KFS has this uncanny ability to make you feel loved, regardless of your maritial status. Bliss Pop anyone?

KFS has been mentioned a couple of times on the big blogs, but surprisingly, the indie blogosphere hasn't jumped on the bandwagon yet (yes not even Pitchfork). Unbelieveable. Their new album, Where is The Glow? dropped on the 28th July, and unfortunately is only available in San Diego. Or here via Paypal.

All highly recommended:
Kite Flying Society - "Love and Seagulls"
Kite Flying Society - "If I Could Split"
Kite Flying Society - "6000 Shipwrecks"

In other news:
Strokes' Hammond Goes Solo
Johnny Marr Officially Joins Modest Mouse

"Oh There They Go"


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